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Bank of Baroda is merely into distribution of Mutual Funds only and any representation / suggestion regarding Mutual Funds etc here, advertently / inadvertently, should not be construed as an advisory in any manner whatsoever. The Funds, if any displayed OR listed on Baroda m-Invest does not form any recommendation OR suggestion by the Bank or Others for investing in / buying units of any Mutual Fund and the same listing is without any Risk & Responsibility on the Bank’s part. The same listing is only a mere display of funds available, merely for the information of the Customer / User. All information displayed including any graphs, tables , data etc is only intended to educate the customer and make him better informed and is not an advisory in any manner whatsoever. The Customer / User is free to choose any Mutual Fund as they wish and infact we strongly suggest that they do independent research or collect information so as to do an informed investment. Customer is also free not to use this App and can resort to choose other platforms / methods and they may choose to not invest also. While Bank of Baroda has merely provided a mobile application (‘App’) based platform under its approved logo for investment in mutual funds for facilitating both customers and non-customers, the entire Management / Operation / Maintenance / Powering of the App is the responsibility of M/s. Finwizard Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read all the scheme(s) related information and any/ all other related documents before making an investment. Past performance of the relevant securities / mutual fund schemes is not indicative of future returns / performances. Please take in to consideration your risk appetite and your specific investment requirements and goals before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs. Purchasing of units of mutual funds is completely at the customer’s risk and without any Risk and Responsibility on the Bank. Complete disclosures regarding details of all commissions and other fees received from AMCs are disclosed in Bank of Baroda website as per the existing tie-ups regarding the distribution of Mutual Funds. The details on the commission received are also available on the FAQ section in the App.

The IT architecture of the mobile App based platform is cloud based and the data etc are stored on the cloud. Even though Bank of Baroda has taken sufficient and reasonable precautions as best as possible it assumes no responsibility on the security of the cloud based architecture, data security etc. Also while the investments made through the Baroda m-Invest App will be shown in the portfolio / statements etc the previous investments made in the same PAN but not through this App will also be reflected in the portfolio / statement, for a better customer / user experience and convenience. This is assumed to be expressly allowed by the User / Customer and Bank of Baroda assumes No Risk or Responsibility for the same

Bank of Baroda (with ARN code 35783) makes no claims, warranties or representations, explicit OR implied, on products offered through the platform. It accepts no liability for any damages or losses, however caused, in connection with the use of OR on the reliance of this Application or related services. All the Terms and Conditions and other relevant policies of the Application are/shall be applicable.